SuperReal is the new Surreal
SuperReal is an immersive, multimedia art experience that blurs the lines between the real and the surreal.
Explore, play, or relax and take in the multi-sensory delight.
Over a span of forty-five minutes, SuperReal invites you to step into 25 Broadway and experience a digital playground that channels your wildest dreams.

Moment Factory merged 360° projection mapping, interactive visuals, lighting, scenography and immersive sound to create an experience that would delight the senses.

From the 6,000 square foot mirrored floor to the 30-foot vaulted ceiling, the interior architecture has been digitally transformed into a playful exploration of art and new technology

Moment Factory transformed Cipriani 25 Broadway, a landmark building into a fully programmable space that is able to host a variety of immersive multimedia content.
Upon this canvas, we imagined SuperReal, a series of rich sensorial scenes, with interactive installations, that invite visitors to play, dream and express themselves.

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Cipriani 25 Broadway
The iconic architecture of Cipriani 25 Broadway and its grand hall (the former Cunard Building ticketing lobby) has been digitally scanned and projection-mapped in 360° in order to transform the space and transport the audience into other parallel worlds.

Half of the 12,000 square feet space features mirrored flooring that reflects the 30-foot vaulted ceiling into a visceral immersive experience. 

In the same way that the site was associated with maritime trade and travel and used to connect the Old World and the New World during the 1920’s, a new bridge has been created between the past and the future, between the Real and the SuperReal.
cipriani 25 broadway
25 Broadway, New York, NY 10004
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The SuperReal Experience
Is a 45-minute multimedia journey through a series of virtual realms that are nonsensical, grandiose, and utterly mesmerizing.
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